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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

buried treasure

Ello readers

I'm blogging more regularly, which Is a plus but on the downside I SHOULD BE REVISING I don't know why I'm so laid back, I blame it on the amount of lazy days in I have had. Anywho's today's blog is specifically on my jewels (not the expensive kind). What you may not know about me is that I am a real prolific collector; once I get hooked on items I can't stop re buying, so that was just the case for my jewellery collection. I only got intensely hypnotized into accessories and the whole jewellery thing last year and admittedly I don't own a lot to some people's standards. I mostly buy all my necklaces from Topshop and New Look which I think has really unique, vibrant pieces. What I really need is a type of box that will store all that I have because most of my jewels are scattered haphazardly (and so sometimes they become tangled).


   I brought this bedazzling earrings from Topshop for £2.50 in their sale

This is my headband collection at the moment the flower garment was a DIY, so was the velvet choker, whist the sliver spiked headband was from Primark for £1.50, lastly the pearl head-wear was also brought from Primark for £1  

Disclaimer this is not all I own, just stuff that has been recently collected  here and there


Monday, 14 April 2014

DIY» Aztec print bleached shorts

Ello readers

I've been busy trying to think of  content to go with an upcoming article ( but that's all top secret now shh). I know I promised a similar next to something cut out bralet as seen on the petite nasty gal models, coming regularly on my news feed. You are not getting a how to do a cut out corset like bralet unfortunately (because it is still in the make shift process of nearly there)*fingers crossed* Instead I'll be going through the steps I used to achieve my summer Aztec print bleached shorts.
* sorry readers I was to preoccupied to think to record this *silly me.

Original I brought a high waisted dark denim, jean short number a while back (precisely four years ago) and decided that there was nothing unique about them, in short they lacked a certain jazz. First of all I had to  bleach the bottom of its ends with W5 thick toilet bleach .Then with cold water rinsed the ends to rid them of the powerful toxins. Further on the line I put them in my household washing machine to fray the ends even more, I pictured in my mind a ragged,battered messed about piece of jean short.

With my quite decent artistic skills combined with some creative  fashion no all I stenciled out a common Aztec print design (from Google images) and transferred it on to the bleached section if the shorts. This,was done using a ballpoint thick bold pen (that was the darkest shade of navy) and then using black acrylic paint filled out the,rest of the unshaded patterns. Admittedly I got a smudge carried away and used the rest of my rainbow acrylics to make a intergalactic print design above the top ( through dipping the paints in a unused sponge and just going along the line). It was fairly simple to do, so if you want to attempt this or most likely fancy a pair of your own personalized shorts,

Good luck .
Ps I may be selling some of these on my ebaystore *keep your eyes peeled*


Saturday, 5 April 2014

week in instragm pictures

Ello readers,

It's half term break and precisely two weeks till my 18th (leap of joy). Anywho's it's fair to say I'm extremely excited and have a lot planned for the following week to come as well of a lot of revision and tedious coursework to complete. I feel as if I'm ahead if my objective, which was to write regular blogs so that's great.

Admittedly I am an instagram addict, (readers can follow me on my instagram @soniaamponsah). Last month I went to see my top listed band the 1975! And saw Matty healy staring back at me ( well it felt like that anyway). My cooking skills were put to the test, I tried some homemade cookies that were surprisingly good.  We all know that the 31st of march was mothers day and me and my mum had a lovely session at a pampering spa, I didn't forget to regram a picture of myself at the tender age of 4 and her a youthful 30 something year old. The ripped DIY is on my link two blogs down, luckily they are now a frequent worn item on my rail (because I have a fashion rail instead of a wardrobe) I guess I like it that way. I solemnly promise (a personal joke for an emerging harry potter fans) to sketch more do it yourself tutorials because there fun and easy. The next one hopefully will be a Nasty gal cut out bralet (fingers cross)
Happy Easter

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Recent Haul

Ello readers
Happy April Fools,
This is just a quick, speedy update on some items I purchased recently. I really haven't had the time to run around stores so, I brought most of what I wanted online on ebay. Firstly a pair of chunky block sandals that I adore, from new look for £25 ( I know a hefty price) but there extremely steady and adorable especially teamed with glitter socks or a graphic tee.
I can't wait to pack them in my suitcase ready for a certain pre booked holiday for the summer.

Next I brought two new sunglasses to add to my building sunglass collection (read two pages down my blog about collecting, sunglasses. I brought both from eBay for 65p each.

Finally I successfully won, the bidding war over a pair of new look high waisted leather trousers (hooray) it was a tough tedious battle with over 12 bids over a short continous time frame, but I paid £7 for them. In the end.(I don't know how I can photograph them to show, you so keep watch for my future lookbooks on how I style leather trousers.)

My shopping ventures don't stop there so to be continued...