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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

New for "14" ~ Nike trainers

New for "14" ~ Asymmetrical skirts

Asymmetrical skirts

Asymmetrical skirts are different from all the other high street trends, as they are more formal and brought together and are offered in various colours, patterns and sizes. The skirts are more or less shorts or other referred to as "shorkts" ( a combination of a skirt and short trio). If I owned this particular selection I would pair them like this, I think that if a person wore a plain tee shirt then their shoes should reflect vibrancy and focus more on their footwear like look number (3). Or for look (1) and other (2), then the one colour shirt/asymmetrical skirt should be styled with and overzealous tee shirt or patterned top.


Click on the links to the store website, if you would like to order anything displayed
Asymmetrical skirts by peachesandcreamxox featuring Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang top

Jonathan Saunders crop top

Rag Bone halter top

White skirt
$48 -

Golf skirt

Golf skirt

Charline De Luca red shoes

Topshop sandals

Flat shoes

Monday, 13 January 2014

Happy New Year to You too

It's been an eventful year so far and we are halfway through the first month in 2014!!; if you follow me on instagram you would no that I am keeping to my new year resolution and fingers crossed it will come to past. Already am happily awaiting all the new releases (which will make me practically broke by the summer, but oh well).

I solemn swear to update my blog more regularly... but apart from that you'll have to wait and see, (I know i'm not much for surprises either but I guarantee you that it would be worth the wait.


And the Nominations are...

It's only a teen party

Trashing the hotel room

Trashing the hotel room

H m coat
$57 -

Plaid skirt
$11 -

River Island party shoes
$105 -