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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Fall wishlist - November 2014

Fall wishlist - November 2014

Ello readers
This is a quick speedy wishlist for all I want for November (and because Christmas is nearing possibly that too). First thing first number (1) is a Alice Olivia jacket; fur is a crucial item a girl needs for the cold winter blizzards, and I will kind of feel like a character from the Stark density (Game of Thrones) with this furry number. I would most likely style them with a pair of skinnies just to look uber cool and chic. Exact price 85 pounds.

Number( 2) is a simple Ryan Roche black hat. Last visit I paid to Primark they had this type of similar hat for 7 pounds; I just think hats are one of those things you wear when you are having a really unbearable bad hair day, they also look sooo stylish (if you style them right) with absolutely any outfit. Exact price 20 pounds

Number (3) I know a pair of red leather skinnies, what are you thinking?. I already own a pair of black leather trousers and they kinda fashion fierce and so I am loving the leather pants, evolution (brought a flag and everything) what I love especially about a pair of red leather trousers is how daring and individual they are. I would defiantly style these Pierre Balmain pair with a Harley Davidson  tee shirt and one strap heels. Exact price 120 pounds.  

(4) Van skate shoes are soo adorable; I love the fact that Vans have come back after 2012; which was their biggest year. I still own the pair I diyed after the last offical day of secondary school because they were the ordinary black ones, just to plain for a fashion lover like myself . I like those pair because they are different and prefect * I need these in my life now; so saving 60 odd pounds to buy them.

Number (5) is just a simple white tee that I could get on Ebay for 4 pounds * delivery time is just the issue,* I would like those kinda transparent t- shirts for when I am feeling cheeky and don't mind a bit of  lace bra peeking out and making an appearance. A simple white shirt would look great paired with ripped boyfriend jeans and leather jacket.  Exact price 23 pounds from MANGO.

Finally  number (6) is a swanky pair of Ray Ban eyeglass; I had an eye test which determined that I need glasses for long distance sighting * for circumstance where I cannot see the lecture theater whiteboard and need to take glances from the person sitting next to me. I want a fashionable pair that no offence, don't make me look too nerdy; these pair  remind me of the glasses Proudlock was sporting in one of the Made in Chelsea episodes and I adore his eyewear range because it is so unique. I am on the hunt for a pair of conspicuous glasses and these ones are priced at 150 pounds.  


(5) White tee, Primark 5 pounds

(1) similar Motal Rocks fur jacket selling on Ebay for 25pounds

(3) Red Leather trousers Ebay bidding auctions

(4) 40 pounds at Office

(2) New Look black hat 8 pounds

comment what you think of my list, thank you all once again for your support *kisses and hugs from 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Quick update

Ello readers

I know, I haven't really been blogging; Iv' e been in my blogging sucks attitude about to give up moments; but now I am rearing to go. Here's a quick speedy update on what is going on in the world according to Sonia....

1) I've gotten into the University of my 1st choice (I kinda changed it last minute) but after scoring decent grades (I know I even surprised myself) I will be starting now in September Law with Criminal Justice at Brunel University so If any of you have any tips direct message me via email.
Right now I am busy completing two pending assignments on the Criminal Justice system in UK law due on the 18th of November :/

 I am hooked on watching Project Runaway the series is sensational about budding fashion designers trying to make it in a corporal fashion industry, my favourite so far has been series 13 I urge you to go check it out (new series called : Project runaway Threads)

3) I've been busy shopping (like that isn't a great excuse; my ebay halter tops have arrived through the amazing postal service so I am hoping to complete a DIY comedy slogan tee

4) The weather hasn't been too bad,  it's awesome that it is the fall so anything goes I can wear skinnes and a simple cut out tee and its not too cold to wear a pair of shorts.

5) I work part time at VUE cinema (near campus site), which is exciting for mo being a movie buff and all; though I am tired most of the time working late shifts. *thinking about that dreadful assignment*

Most importantly I would like to collaborate with a FASHION BLOGGER; that shares the same interests, as little old me I have been invisable inside the blogging community for quite some time and would really like to to get to know genuinely "cool" people on this site. SO I AM REACHING OUT to readers (or people that just happened to pass by this blog page) email me via

Ps I don't bite. Yours desperately

Lastly thank you all who still follow me on my bloglovin page; hard to believe that I still get day to day responses *kisses to you for all your support. LET'S REACH 50 !