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Friday, 28 February 2014

Nail Inc

Like most people I know I am obsessed with my nails, but I am always constantly biting them so they look deformed, one way or the other. To solve this minor problem I use "Essie's good to go" or "Sally Hansen's  Vita Surge Growth Gel" to repair the sometimes irreparable damage, what I seem to hate the most is when my nails seem to peel of at its own accord making my nail- bed prone to sensitivity.

There are some colours that stand like soldiers on the aisle, that I know, I must purchase, as if my life depends on it. Usually I see the popular branded ones first like ,Essie and a quick roam around Topshop directs me to their makeup parlor (briefly). What I look for in nail varnish is consistency,vibrancy and it's lasting effect. Chipping nail inc is the most frustrating as I usually find that I peel the remaining varnish off in a bid to even out whats left. In my minuscule " Kipling bag" also refereed to as my emergency kit;(it stores my) cover up foundation,nail filer,mirror,hand cream and my most used product the "Rapi Dry Coat by O.P.I" .      

Seaweed dotty


Friday, 21 February 2014

Hair braid twist

Braiding hair is a tedious,time consuming past time of my hairdresser (who is a close friend of my mother) took a total 10 hours to complete this look, you can image how disgruntled I was at the end of it. The twist braids look more stringy and rope like especially when they hang awkwardly on your head. The finishing braid looks delicate and African tribe like, which transforms me back to avatar and the locky box plaits the blue creatures had. I can't wait to style it up and long with an 80sscrunchie , like the characters in the hit franchise Footloose. But right now there tied tightly on to my scalp which weakens my movements.





Week in instagram pictures (continuing from week one)

This week's instagram pictures are a collection of images I have taken during this week. I wrote an electronic email to my favourite blogger Hannah Louise in which she replied, so that was an encouragement. I also went to my  local restaurant that I adore Nando's. EBay selling has also become an unprecedented hobby of mine, so I've recently advertised my platform Chelsea boots for sale ( check item under chelsea platform size 6 in the search engine). Last but by no means least I shopped for platform sandals that I spotted a lot of bloggers endorsing, I thought it would be just perfect for the summer holiday trip; I've been saving up for.


Sunday, 16 February 2014

A message of advice from one fashionista to another

Ello readers; I recived an email from Hannah Louise who is an incredible fashion blogger, who is globally popular and has received a total up to thousands of subscribers. I look up to her especially because she is able to balance law ( which is a subject that I want to major in when I get to university) , with fashion which she does as a hobby. Her reply went something like this. 

Hi - thank you for the email
:-) pursuing fashion in higher education is the right decision for some people, but I've always wanted to study something academic. There's really no reason why you can't be interested in fashion alongside studying though. I consider fashion and blogging to be a hobby, I don't have a part time job or do any sport so my blog fills that spare time.
I would always put my degree first, eg I don't really blog during exam period, and I'm fairly certain I'd rather a career in law than one in fashion. Even if you don't want to pursue a legal career then law is a great degree to have anyway. It is a demanding course but it definitely doesn't mean you have to drop everything else!
Good luck with everything,
Hannah x

Thank you so much Hannah if you are reading this, it's an overwhelming  feeling when you are corresponding with a fashionista, especially one that I actually highly regard, I'll be taking on board your advice.



Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A much anticipating Haul

Ello readers,

Time has dragged out, this year and it's half way through the month!. I ve been a terrible blogger in the sense that I have been occupied with my own thoughts and roller coaster emotions.

 As always I have found the time to shop and have been heading over to my local Topshop, Primark and New look stores just over the high street. What I really wanted this year has been an old fashioned Miranda MS-1 35mm camera which was sent at a record breaking time to my address.  It's a marvelous alloyed  sculpture with great shutter speed, light and exposure to bring effortless high definition pictures.

   * Note: the lenses are dusty and need a wipe*

I also ordered Hair chalk from eBay for £1.51 on a coincidental bidding war. I wanted to try out a different edgier look to my hair (you know with the new year, new me talk..). Being a loyal friend i also purchased the chalks for a few friends, so we would probably be roaming the streets poised and new aged gypsy like.

Topshop, is a store blessed by the angels, it's unbeatable my favourite store; and surely Aphrodite may have  strolled in there a few times already, as there displays are fit for a goddess. I brought a few skirts and other items...

My wishlist for next month***

My wishlist for next month***

My wishlist for next month***

Ello my lovelies, I have not got a lot of essential items I need to buy but I quite like owning these lovely show of delectables.

1. I would love to own a pair of neon nike airways, I think that there funky and prefect for the windy season ahead of us, I saw sunbeansjess * one of my favourite Youtubers at the moment* rocking a pair and I especially liked the way she styled them with a matching beanie. These nikies would also fit just as planned for my jogging session I take part with every morning and be that extra motivation to wake me up evey glommy morning just to slip them on to my feet

2. Bobbi Brown cosmetics are the most unbeatable make up cover up there is. They are a hefty price (but I can reassure you worth it) for a simple finger length bottle. I owned the moisture rich foundation SPF I5 for a while until it finished. The smell is overpowering lavender, but it leaves your skin smelling of an after effect dewy flower patch of radiant glow once you have completed stroking your skin with a foundation brush. The wear stayed on for a while approximately 12 hrs which was not so bad considering after that  after I cleanse my face with Simple make up wipes, ready for bed.

3. Platform kick about boots are on my top agenders this fall; I especially cannot trust the weather, as it has proven so today when it plummeted cats and dogs with condensed river water all throughout the evening. I useually rely on my Doc to keep my toes above sea level, but they take to much time tieing and untieing. I love how steady the footwear is, and how versatile and badass they look with any pre calculated outfit.

4. I have journed eveywhere for Tartan skorts, but just could not find a pair worthy enough to buy. Topshop have the best range of skorts which I find are sophicated and unique in terms of how both a skirt and shorts are incorporated into the design  


Topshop golf skirt

Black boots
$170 -

Nike shoes

River Island short boots
$66 -

Sunday, 9 February 2014

week in instagram pictues ~ continuing from week in blog

Week in instagram pictures, my week has been an all eventful one. Junk eating and dessert baking have all been a coming occupation of mine (but surprisingly I have been putting on weight). I also ebayed chalk dye that I've had fun experimenting with my darkish hair and waffled down a large chunck of cookie dough triple chocolate, on my trip to a barely empty seated cinema. Through it all I manged to find time to hit the local Topshop stores in my local area and buy some valuable items including high waisted jeans and a few patterned collectibles. Lastly I cleaned out my jewelry box, reorganising my stored treasure's so now their an untangled mess.

           I'd love to hear about your week comment down below the description bar
              Sonia xoxo

Friday, 7 February 2014

week in blog

Ello lovelies this week has been a day of set in assignments and due dates so nothing out of the extraordinary a couple of items I brought was the neon pink beanie from primark for £2

I love how I can mix and match dewy plain outfits with this statement beanie, most importantly it's adorable and girly. I also had a spur of the moment shop at Topshop, I brought white skinny Leigh jeans, patterned floral miniskirt and an embroidered skimpy vest top ( I took some photos but my one wonder laptop will not enable me to upload) needless to say that I am completely spent for the remaining weeks and pay day could not come any sooner.
Ps I recently purchased a camera thats high definition, so I cannot wait to look book daily outfits**