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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My wishlist for next month***

My wishlist for next month***

My wishlist for next month***

Ello my lovelies, I have not got a lot of essential items I need to buy but I quite like owning these lovely show of delectables.

1. I would love to own a pair of neon nike airways, I think that there funky and prefect for the windy season ahead of us, I saw sunbeansjess * one of my favourite Youtubers at the moment* rocking a pair and I especially liked the way she styled them with a matching beanie. These nikies would also fit just as planned for my jogging session I take part with every morning and be that extra motivation to wake me up evey glommy morning just to slip them on to my feet

2. Bobbi Brown cosmetics are the most unbeatable make up cover up there is. They are a hefty price (but I can reassure you worth it) for a simple finger length bottle. I owned the moisture rich foundation SPF I5 for a while until it finished. The smell is overpowering lavender, but it leaves your skin smelling of an after effect dewy flower patch of radiant glow once you have completed stroking your skin with a foundation brush. The wear stayed on for a while approximately 12 hrs which was not so bad considering after that  after I cleanse my face with Simple make up wipes, ready for bed.

3. Platform kick about boots are on my top agenders this fall; I especially cannot trust the weather, as it has proven so today when it plummeted cats and dogs with condensed river water all throughout the evening. I useually rely on my Doc to keep my toes above sea level, but they take to much time tieing and untieing. I love how steady the footwear is, and how versatile and badass they look with any pre calculated outfit.

4. I have journed eveywhere for Tartan skorts, but just could not find a pair worthy enough to buy. Topshop have the best range of skorts which I find are sophicated and unique in terms of how both a skirt and shorts are incorporated into the design  


Topshop golf skirt

Black boots
$170 -

Nike shoes

River Island short boots
$66 -

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