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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A much anticipating Haul

Ello readers,

Time has dragged out, this year and it's half way through the month!. I ve been a terrible blogger in the sense that I have been occupied with my own thoughts and roller coaster emotions.

 As always I have found the time to shop and have been heading over to my local Topshop, Primark and New look stores just over the high street. What I really wanted this year has been an old fashioned Miranda MS-1 35mm camera which was sent at a record breaking time to my address.  It's a marvelous alloyed  sculpture with great shutter speed, light and exposure to bring effortless high definition pictures.

   * Note: the lenses are dusty and need a wipe*

I also ordered Hair chalk from eBay for £1.51 on a coincidental bidding war. I wanted to try out a different edgier look to my hair (you know with the new year, new me talk..). Being a loyal friend i also purchased the chalks for a few friends, so we would probably be roaming the streets poised and new aged gypsy like.

Topshop, is a store blessed by the angels, it's unbeatable my favourite store; and surely Aphrodite may have  strolled in there a few times already, as there displays are fit for a goddess. I brought a few skirts and other items...

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