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Monday, 31 March 2014

Distressed ankle skinnies > DIY

ello readers
I have been seeing a lot of distressed jeans lately, so I wanted to attempt to make my own it should have been an easy makeshift procedure. I also figured it would have been  easier to forward the instructions pre recorded in  digital format, instead of writing it which usually is more complicated.

The jeans are used are my oldest pair of Topshop moto ankle jeans, ( although I original wanted to try them on my high waisted black skinnies, but me being the actual whimp I am was too scared to ruin them).  watch the link down below this two paragraph description to see how i successfully transformed my jeans, I may eventually publish it on my YouTube channel.

Be the way it is an extremely short clip, somehow I couldn't stretch the recording


                        Credits to my brother, for filming; even though he rarely follows my instructions.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Top shop Haul

Ello readers

I journeyed far to Oxford Circus, in central London to the far corner TopShop with about three elevated floors. Naturally I spotted the sales aisle in the centre of the store, haplessly messy with last sessions spring wear. I found a pair of white Jamie moto jeans for £10 (I know shocking), I adore Topshop's Jean ranges as they fit comfortably and are very durable. The jeans are high waisted and look especially stylish with the vintage belt I own. I also located a floral patterned miniskirt with astonishing vibrant colours. The miniskirt is slit on the sides and I usually style it with more toned shades to draw attention to the skirt I brought for £15. The last item on the list was the metallic sliver tank top with some pigment flowers and spirals. The tank top is low cut so I pair it with a lace bralet, it was priced at £8. Some small indications of a summer heatwave, prompted me to buy a black floppy witchy hat for £10 but at the moment wearing it seems to be out of the question.

  * Roughed label because its been in the wash too often



Saturday, 15 March 2014

summer outfit

I've been preoccupied with my thoughts lately again ( the phrase gone with the fairies just about summarizes what I'm going through), which has resulted in me misplacing some valuable things of mine, ( down to me entirely). So when I went to see my local GP I wasn't surprised to hear that she thought I may be suffering an accumulated stress disorder not remotely serious but triggered, by all the coursework and exams I have had juggle at the very start of the year. Anywhos I thought that may be an explainable enough justification for why I haven't been blogging as much as I promised. The weather has lifted my spirits which is why I choose yesterday of all days to wear a flowery short cut out dress. I decided this was an easy escape route outfit to throw on, because I figured a dress complemented summer with its detailed floral print design and cut out segments that fall below the waists how could I a confessed shopaholic miss it.

The pictures ( taking from different camera's don't exactly show the prints that I'm failing at explaining but hopefully you get my meaning)


Photo credits to my brother
Dress New Look AX Paris
 Necklace Primark

Sunday, 9 March 2014

some signs of summer

Ello readers

The weathers changing for the better, and good riddance that's developed. Downcast London were I'm located in the western side of the Thames north is warm and I can honestly say that improvement was not foreseen by anyone (not even the televised weather reporters on BBC news). Now that things are changing I can finally dust of the cobwebs from my summer closet and adjust them to fit,  summer 2014 (gleefully laughing*) . My sunglasses collection is small at the moment as I'm surely missing some glasses, I need to get like the large spaced cat slit eyes that are so reminiscent of the 80's alter sleek era. I spotted some painfully jaw dropping sunglasses on a stall in Camden market place which I hope to be visiting soon when I take a wild visit to Bricklane this weekend.

Here's my pitiful collection *note I only started piecing this together last year *

Rounded flip up smilies from - Primark
Oval see throughs from -H&M
Brown rounds from -H&M
Baby blue cat spaces from -Ebay DIY with varnish
Black opium -Camden market store