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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Changing my Channel

ello readers haven't updated for a while; but that's because my stress levels are mounting.
This quick post is just an informative.. that I may be making a more personal blog on the day in a life as me (totally unrelated to fashion) what do you think?.

Also i would much appreciate it if you could check on eBay for any upcoming items that I may be selling....

                                                          Peace xoxo

Sunday, 10 November 2013

teen spirit



Monki v neck top
$20 -

Wool coat

J Brand cropped pants


Glam French

White top
$29 -

Unreal Fur faux fur coat

N 21 plaid miniskirt

H M black tight
$13 -

H&M ankle boots
$48 -

Cheap Monday

boohoo Hippie

boohoo Hippie

Shiny shirt
$59 -

Velvet kimono
$590 -

High-waisted pants
$32 -

Janis Savitt gold jewelry

Saturday, 9 November 2013

DIY SOS ~ fringe jacket

I promised a DIY ( do it yourself) tutorial that I forgot to video and upload on to you-tube,for viewing *sigh of annoyance* anyways I took a lot of photos that may give you a clearer understanding of what I did in the process.

The first step was to find a vintage leather jacket in my grandmother's antique closet; (that was easier than I anticipated ). I found a dark brown trench jacket that was prefect because the material was light and simple to cut out. You need a sharp pair of scissors ( I may have indicated this) to cut out the ends of the trench coat, I did this by accurately drawing thin lines using a coloured whiteboard marker to make it a more visible cut. Once I had completed this stage I used the scissors to cut along the lines I had marked out.

The second stage was more or less trickier for this part, I used some,black thread and needle to sow the tassels on to the jacket (you need moderate sowing skills). I sowed along the hem lines directly on the arms and had some left over tassels to finish the back.

Once this stage was completed I rubbed sandpaper in places where I wanted the leather jacket to look distress.

This was the final amendments. (Pictures shown below what you think?).
                                                      discount my rumpled bedsheet

Monday, 4 November 2013

October haul *published in November*

Its obvious to me that I haven't posted in a while, ( I haven't got any new excuses, apart from the recent overload of coursework). However I have managed to squeeze in some retail therapy in the days I've been out and about. There's a sale (horary) and its just been to hard for resistance, now that the days have gotten shorter and around London the atmosphere has gotten chillier thick jumpers and winter socks are re-surfing out of my closet.

Tally Ho corner * thrift store
I brought two items here,  that were worth the price, fortunately I got them cheaper than I had  anticipated....the first being an oversized boyfriend winter coat which is a statement jacket that has graced the front pages of magazines and catwalks this up coming year. Many designers have made different variations. The most popular being the Max Mara (read my previous blog). I like the one I spotted at the outlet as the material is warm and thick; outside the coat is more or less obstetrical grey. I brought this for £7 pounds ~ original priced at £70.
The last buy was a grey woven tartan scarf which I brought for £2 pounds It was a bargain. Tartan scarfs are being sold at retail outlets for more than £10  (I was at Primark the other day and redneck tartan scarfs were being sold at £18 pound's). I love the colours represented on the scarf as it makes it look more authentic.

Apologies Pictures are foggy, taken from the Ipad
I only brought one item here; when me and a friend went to visit the London School of Fashion* open evening (the school is great and quite modernized). As we were already at Central London we decided to do, quick combustion of spontaneous shopping,  Primark had some hidden sale items. So I brought this lace blue tank top for £2. Through I realize that the possibility of wearing that is zero to one in the weather here in England.

I brought a golden threaded necklace there for £9 pound's (believe it or not but it was reduced down  four pounds). I liked the necklace because of it's detailing and it is a rather statement piece.

There was a reduction at my local shopping centre (Brent Cross) h&m is one of my favourite stores so naturally I walked in there. I brought a dress- t in scripted with the Iron Maiden logo for £3 decreased from £10 and also a pair of skin fitted ; neon blue jean's for the same price.

My mother brought me new converses (see previous blog on summer shoes) I already own black pairs, so this time she brought white all stars. I admit I am quite sceptical in case I get them dirty but I am overjoyed as I prefer converses over any other practical shoe. She probably brought them for £40 pounds on the office website. She also went further and brought the film the Artist, I heard great reviews on the film and pressured her into finally buying it. I image she brought it from amazon priced at £12.

* super-drug  
The Revlon shade "170" shade mint green I brought for £5 I no that it is a bit of an over-by for nail colour but I loved the shade it was a unique ( I also couldn't find a similar shade there). I brought another colour from miss sporty shade "6" a lilac purple, I loved the colour instantly as I have seen celeb's endorsing light purple; a buy of £1.99.

Another item my mother ordered  I was quite flabbergasted it was from ASOS (another store I regularly shop at. It was a black skater skirt with a leather panel, I loved how it fits than obscures your figure. I took a glimpse at the receipt and she brought it for £12.

*Weakly subscription to Red Magazine 
last item on the list is my monthly dose of Red Magazine, I quite like this mag, as it has a lot of editorial pages which gives me inspiration, (I am a inspiring fashion journalist, after all). The magazine is a different demographic and I find it more sophisticated than Shout or Bliss magazine.