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Saturday, 9 November 2013

DIY SOS ~ fringe jacket

I promised a DIY ( do it yourself) tutorial that I forgot to video and upload on to you-tube,for viewing *sigh of annoyance* anyways I took a lot of photos that may give you a clearer understanding of what I did in the process.

The first step was to find a vintage leather jacket in my grandmother's antique closet; (that was easier than I anticipated ). I found a dark brown trench jacket that was prefect because the material was light and simple to cut out. You need a sharp pair of scissors ( I may have indicated this) to cut out the ends of the trench coat, I did this by accurately drawing thin lines using a coloured whiteboard marker to make it a more visible cut. Once I had completed this stage I used the scissors to cut along the lines I had marked out.

The second stage was more or less trickier for this part, I used some,black thread and needle to sow the tassels on to the jacket (you need moderate sowing skills). I sowed along the hem lines directly on the arms and had some left over tassels to finish the back.

Once this stage was completed I rubbed sandpaper in places where I wanted the leather jacket to look distress.

This was the final amendments. (Pictures shown below what you think?).
                                                      discount my rumpled bedsheet

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