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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Quick post on Stanforinfinitive *offer ends 3rd May 2015*


Sorry is long overdue. I haven't been able to post on my blog for some time now because I have been extremely busy no joke guys. My first year semester exam is on the 30th of April and cause I study LLB law with Criminal Justice it involves a lot of case law. Anyways it was my birthday 2 days ago and a post will follow shortly after on the festivities. The main point of this blog post is on a new initiative that I and a few other bloggers are involved in.

 Stanforinfinitive is a stylish trainer company that design unique soles; that are so distinctive that if you are a person that prides yourself in your own individuality and standing out from the crowd this footwear'  is the way to go. I especially like the important way they are structured providing comfort to your foot, the shoes themselves are  also environmentally friendly as Stanforinfinitive has introduced a smoke less collection and find inspiration from natural objects printed and lamented in their designs. Although the plimsolls are hellah expensive there are a lot of components that go into the trainer which can scan bar-codes from inside the soles. It's worth the once in the life opportunity to own such a quirky pair of shoes that can be mixed and matched with any outfit.

REMEMBER: There is free shipping which takes between 4-6 days as all trainers are shipped from Portugal  

Their website has recently been launched 
(click here)

Please spread the word guys