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Thursday, 26 June 2014

I couldn't keep this a secret -

Ello readers; (quick update post)

so here's a quick promo about; I just couldn't keep it a secret

If you know me, you would know I have a huge case of blab diarrhea which means that everything comes spilling out in words in the course of a day or I need to get it out of my system. I have recently got on the promoting brands bandwagon so here's another educational blogpost. This new american online store is the *bomb* if I say so my self. You heard it from me first that stylemoi ....

> link here --

have about every fashionable thing from clothing to accessories, bags and even a street fashion marketplace on their site. I am not sure how many of you are reading this but it's FLIPPING FREE DELIVERY on worldwide shipping, if I am reading correctly. Their site is nearly being used by a lot of bloggers; so maybe a to do summer haul coming soon. So basically now we have established how very good I am to you guys, presenting you the latest in new online stores that you would otherwise have ignored before., if I am right.

The reasons I would use to persuade you, are that stylemoi have a variety of collective clothing that are stylish and new in line. Their website is a lot like sheinside...

> link here --

which is easy to navigate and again offers the best products at your doorstep.  If you could probably guess they have collaborated with lookbook which is a site I am officially back on use so check out all my latest styles on there

> link here--  or click on the above title page on lookbook nu, if you are that curious


>link here--

sorry guys i am bombarding you with links, to get 20% off clothing using code: SONIAAMPONSAH20 they are equally amazing and I will be uploading a video up soon, via YouTube explaining just why.

PS; I love you all readers (here's a <3 to show you how much)--- for reading my blog up till now, please comment any suggestions below on how I can improve my blog for y'all and anything you would like me to do soon. (maybe a DIY perhaps ?)


Monday, 23 June 2014

Discount with Tashops

Ello readers

So here's the thing are this really innovative online store that have great high street clothing a lot of the clothing are seen on designer labels, like their Givenchy Bambi printed jumpers and most of their sweater designs are to die for. What I especially liked about their website is how easy it is to navigate around. Their style is simplistic and yet very affordable with ranges from £10 - £15 (which is more credible then other high street competitors). The are also a "BRAND NEW LABEL", so it would be worthwhile checking their stuff as I guarantee you will stumble onto something you like, remember the discount code is; soniaamponsah20 you would literally be getting your money's worth; with 20% off exclusive deals.

*keep your eyes peeled for a video on my YouTube channel* were I will be officially relaunching my giveaway and  spreading the word out about TASHOPS clothing line. - (link)
here's a plead to spread the word on  any social forums your logged on too. Thanxs

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

shoes I just cant live without and 18th celebrations

Ello readers
*published late*

So now it's precisely 1 more day to go till I turn 18 (lucky me born on easter Sunday; the 20th April). Before this though I thought i'll take the time to reflect on my  shoe collection (I've been doing quite a bit of assorting lately) . The reason I suddenly decided to do an updated blog on "shoes" was because I've watched a few YouTube videos, some fashion bloggers in particular ; queue sunbeamjess and her impressive Jeffery Campbell collection, and the thought came to me 'why not' make a post on shoes id most likely to wear on occasions and so here it is. Along the way, I'll be posting some details on my weekend celebrations which would be me getting more personal and less of a fashion orientated journal. Here's just I few of my favourites

Superga for casual lazy days out (as worn by Suki Waterhouse)
I own these floral print ones which I wear on casual trips to town, but I usually style them with boxy jeans. Superga footwear is a comfort trainer and just in a slightly different design to the "commonly known" converse all-stars. Personally I prefer these just because their more the tennis shoes that I'd wear if I was on court with Andy Murray.


Jeffery Campbell (dupes) for a night in the town
Admittedly I am freakishly taller than most average girls (5ft9) so I probably should not be wearing skyscrapers like Jeffery's but in reality I really don't care (there just too chic and cool). I don't seem to be wearing them as much, with no functioning's to go to, maybe after exam period is well and truly over.

18th Birthday celebrations

Thanks so much Subectya for this adorable neon earring and face mask xoxo

Secret present underneath perfect for blogging purposes; thanks to my family and friends for the sincere card that made me weep *half kidding*. (PS and the hundred notes I collected)


Eating spoonful's of chocolaty goodness; then I remembered to take a flash picture

A half eaten lemon drizzle cheesecake, scoffed by my brother. *shop brought from Costco*
Recorded on the 20/04/14 Later on in the evening with more food at a Chinese cuisine in Wood Green called the green dragon with delicious crispy shrimps.

Recorded on the 5/05/14: BBQ in the English Summer

Photo: Amponsah family BBQ

                        Ootd # outfit of the day


Mom jeans - £5 charity shop
White halter - unknown
Vintage belt - £2 charity shop
Juju jellies - £8 Tkmax

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Giveaway prize draw - white skort CLOSED

Ello readers

I am pleased to announce this giveaway which ends the 30th of June, so there is no rush see the terms and conditions down below. * Good luck*

To mark the 1 year anniversary of "spiked skulls and other requests" I will be giving away this, beautiful white skort that's in between sizes 10- 12 in small. It's brand new and unworn, and the rules to this giveaway is to either simply

1) follow my Bloglovin page
(followers already following via bloglovin must enter in the instagram giveaway)


2) follow me on Instragm and regram the giveaway skort entry tagging the post #spikedskullsandotherrequests (title of blog) you must tag the picture!! then tag @soniaamponsah in the description bar.

Also if you could inform your friends and spread information on any social networking sites, it's an added bonus.

entries for this are closed please stay tuned to my September Giveaway
Good luck and I hope to see many entries : ends the 30th of June

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Reporting live from graduate fashion week -* first week beginning*

Ello readers

I took a day of revision ( I might just take another day, because my press pass does not expire till the very end *the 3rd of June) ha . To travel all the way to the Truman Brewery in time for #GFW, it was a very long journey from central London, and quite unprompt. The graduate fashion week, showcase allows aspiring fashion designers from various universities to show the public their designs; it is still ongoing till the rest of the week so maybe it is not too late to grab your ticket. The university that I saw showcased was Northumbria university by a designer named Michelle Lee her; designs were a contrast of white and black  I honestly could not believe it was handmade designs of such skill and creativity. There were also designs by Stephanie Chesworth that was so bright and colourful, perfect for the summer/ spring season.

Remember the 3rd of June was the last date, unfortunately.



"Photo edits paperlock app

Next post interesting giveaway coming soon"

Sunday, 1 June 2014


Ello readers

 Summer bliss is here and i'm feeling quite bindi. I've always been interested in other cultures and festivals and now more than ever, everything gold and sequined is all very bohemian. Seeing the Coachella festival pictures on tumblr, just goes to show how even celebrities decorated their forehead's with symbolic bindis which is traditional decoration for Hindu and Muslim women.

 Aswell as henna  which comes from the Arabic حِنَّاء part of bridal fashion. I especially I'm more so obsessed with headpieces and hand jewellery, that I am pestering all my Arabic, Hindu and Muslim friends to hit me up with henna and other decorative pieces. *sorry guys* here's some inspo and check my tumblr page ( I have only just recently gotten the hang of it) to see more things that inspire me fashionwise on a daily basis.

Chain ring 1 from New Look £1 sale 
Chain ring 2 from New Look £3
Revlon nail polish in emerald green £3.50