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Thursday, 26 June 2014

I couldn't keep this a secret -

Ello readers; (quick update post)

so here's a quick promo about; I just couldn't keep it a secret

If you know me, you would know I have a huge case of blab diarrhea which means that everything comes spilling out in words in the course of a day or I need to get it out of my system. I have recently got on the promoting brands bandwagon so here's another educational blogpost. This new american online store is the *bomb* if I say so my self. You heard it from me first that stylemoi ....

> link here --

have about every fashionable thing from clothing to accessories, bags and even a street fashion marketplace on their site. I am not sure how many of you are reading this but it's FLIPPING FREE DELIVERY on worldwide shipping, if I am reading correctly. Their site is nearly being used by a lot of bloggers; so maybe a to do summer haul coming soon. So basically now we have established how very good I am to you guys, presenting you the latest in new online stores that you would otherwise have ignored before., if I am right.

The reasons I would use to persuade you, are that stylemoi have a variety of collective clothing that are stylish and new in line. Their website is a lot like sheinside...

> link here --

which is easy to navigate and again offers the best products at your doorstep.  If you could probably guess they have collaborated with lookbook which is a site I am officially back on use so check out all my latest styles on there

> link here--  or click on the above title page on lookbook nu, if you are that curious


>link here--

sorry guys i am bombarding you with links, to get 20% off clothing using code: SONIAAMPONSAH20 they are equally amazing and I will be uploading a video up soon, via YouTube explaining just why.

PS; I love you all readers (here's a <3 to show you how much)--- for reading my blog up till now, please comment any suggestions below on how I can improve my blog for y'all and anything you would like me to do soon. (maybe a DIY perhaps ?)



  1. comment on the side If the links don't work "copy and paste the url" i am not very technical >< sorry

  2. This post held my interest so much. The images are captivating. I had heard previously of style moi. I must check out their site.



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