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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Tumblr inspo/ summer playlist

Hy guys just a quick post on all things that are inspiring me right now

My playlist

I'm one of those people that can listen to old banger tunes on repeat; although I am obsessed with the band years and years (im so excited to see them perform at Reading this year) I think the main band leader; who has also been in a couple of skins episodes Olly has the most enchanting voice which just gets to me. Be sure to download their new album communication guys

C H E C K O U T   M Y   S O U N D C L O U D

1. Years and Years - King
2. Years and Years - Shine
3. Years and Years - Memo (especially my fav)
4. Years and Years - Take shelter
5. Years and Years- Worship

I'm also such a late bloomer in the music circuit as I just discovered the amazing talent that is Tove lo she is a uber cool chick with a great sense of style I listen to her a lot just as i'm walking out with my
  iPod gripped in my hand often late to work.

6. Tove lo - Bad habits
7. Tove lo- I'm not on drugs
8. Tove lo - Talking body ( a must)

That's my recently added playlist for now be sure to check my soundcloud  ( which will be linked here some time soon) with a list of my favourite summer anthems


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Quick post on Stanforinfinitive *offer ends 3rd May 2015*


Sorry is long overdue. I haven't been able to post on my blog for some time now because I have been extremely busy no joke guys. My first year semester exam is on the 30th of April and cause I study LLB law with Criminal Justice it involves a lot of case law. Anyways it was my birthday 2 days ago and a post will follow shortly after on the festivities. The main point of this blog post is on a new initiative that I and a few other bloggers are involved in.

 Stanforinfinitive is a stylish trainer company that design unique soles; that are so distinctive that if you are a person that prides yourself in your own individuality and standing out from the crowd this footwear'  is the way to go. I especially like the important way they are structured providing comfort to your foot, the shoes themselves are  also environmentally friendly as Stanforinfinitive has introduced a smoke less collection and find inspiration from natural objects printed and lamented in their designs. Although the plimsolls are hellah expensive there are a lot of components that go into the trainer which can scan bar-codes from inside the soles. It's worth the once in the life opportunity to own such a quirky pair of shoes that can be mixed and matched with any outfit.

REMEMBER: There is free shipping which takes between 4-6 days as all trainers are shipped from Portugal  

Their website has recently been launched 
(click here)

Please spread the word guys

Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Years resolutions

So I wanted to write this post (as quickly as I could ) so I could later look at this and see the things I promised to accomplish.

*1 is the most obvious of my resolutions, this is to blog way more than I used to; because I've missed out on blogging for a whole 4 months. It's shocking because I feel as if I've let you guys down expecting to see content (that's why you mainly follow me) but don't give up on me just yet. I'm promising you bigger and better things to come. 

*2 is to be outgoing (or sociable same thing) I've had a shaky start recently in the few months I've started university: and if you watch shopdelano's YouTube video on her freshers experience I can totally relate. I just need to embrace the social aspect to a uni's student life rather than obviously complain ; bring on term 2

*3 is to loose weight; my friends get pretty annoyed when I mention this (with replies usually going are you crazy you don't need too) .I may look up to Beyoncé and her enviable curves, but I also want to loose weight for me and my health: eating all that classically delicious cheesy pizza's and desserts seems great now but it will backfire later on in adulthood. 

*4 is to stop spending a lot ( this ones simply ridiculous I doubt It will last even a month) but in my defense I spend a majority on commuting everywhere ; as I am a keen traveller.

*5 finally my last one is to stop procrastinating and concentrate more on the most important thing in life which is studying (unfortunately). With this in mind I will not put to much thought on what others think of me in a bid to block out really negative people ( as this is one of many experience's)

What are your resolutions for the year 2015 feel free to comment down below 
Wish you all the best

Here's some cheesy Christmas pictures from the Amponsah family household 

Thanks Santa for all the amazing presents
The delicious Christmas lunch I have so been craving this year
I dressed in this cute dungareedress from Primark - for a fiver and a polo neck stripy top from Ebay for 2 pounds 

slightly brunt Christmas cookies where the bomb 

Last minute New Years Look