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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Tumblr inspo/ summer playlist

Hy guys just a quick post on all things that are inspiring me right now

My playlist

I'm one of those people that can listen to old banger tunes on repeat; although I am obsessed with the band years and years (im so excited to see them perform at Reading this year) I think the main band leader; who has also been in a couple of skins episodes Olly has the most enchanting voice which just gets to me. Be sure to download their new album communication guys

C H E C K O U T   M Y   S O U N D C L O U D

1. Years and Years - King
2. Years and Years - Shine
3. Years and Years - Memo (especially my fav)
4. Years and Years - Take shelter
5. Years and Years- Worship

I'm also such a late bloomer in the music circuit as I just discovered the amazing talent that is Tove lo she is a uber cool chick with a great sense of style I listen to her a lot just as i'm walking out with my
  iPod gripped in my hand often late to work.

6. Tove lo - Bad habits
7. Tove lo- I'm not on drugs
8. Tove lo - Talking body ( a must)

That's my recently added playlist for now be sure to check my soundcloud  ( which will be linked here some time soon) with a list of my favourite summer anthems


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