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Saturday, 22 June 2013

DIY SOS ~ Bleach

DIY pieces

Over the remaining years, I have accumulated some knowledge on diying (though via the internet more specifically YouTube )
Creating your own identity is fun and unique and I highly recommend you to do/experience it.

I have recreated/ revamped almost to many clothing items to recollect .I can sincerely write, that the obsession came about once i watched two stylish sisters that called themselves the fashion citizens, their YouTube channel symbolizes all that I could visualize myself wearing.

The first item I customized was my light denim jacket with short sleeves .The sleeves were just pointless for The summer so I cut them off using a sharp scissor knife.Once I had finished they gave a ragged flare which added a grungy feel to the top shredded half.

I then bleached the remaining denim with acetone bleach,which created white patches on the jacket.

I was left with finally customizing the jacket vest top so I used acrylic neon yellow to paint the Nirvana sign on the back, using a cut out sign as a trace guide. Lastly I added narrow studs which I pressed on to the top hemline of the jacket.

The vest top was completed and ready to be worn.

Acrylic paint costs - £1 at poundland
Jacket - £15 at new look
Studs - £1.50 pack of two eBay 
Bleach brought from any Superstore 

Using the same method I was able to transform my plain shorts 

Shorts black- £7 internaqtional
Shorts blue- £12 new look

Have fun grudging it up 

Peace xoxo


Friday, 21 June 2013

Today's haul of delicates

Today I passed a small boutique i wouldn't have normally walked into, there were amazing items there that astonished ,me at first, but they were such a must-have that i purchased it there and then.
I didn't have much in my purse only £10 pounds
but that was enough to cover what I brought

My first buy were these black suede  Skyscraper platforms with an open toe front
                      (apologies for the darkened images, the weather was gloomy when captured)

They were £5 pounds at a outlet called Utopia at Edgware Boardwalk in North London.I love the height and little adorable thin buckles that add a touch of feminine quality to it.The shoes were very inexpensive which was quite fortunate.

My second purchase was this short high waisted leather skirt, with rough spiked suds alongside the himline

The skirt was £3 pounds!!  from Utopia and came only in sizes small,medium and large.The store seemed to be exclusive, but there were also some floral print summer dresses.

The last purchase was from Topshop .It was a statement,actez piece necklace.

This was total of £2 pounds! .At the sale aisle just begging to be bought.I adore the contrasting colours that blend well together, it's such a statement decorative necklace it would go with any plain look.

That was my little haul for just £10 pounds!! Hopefully uploading good easy tips to keep to your budget.

                                                                 Peace xoxo


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Creeper fever 

My creepers. Have been an absolute all season essential there comfy ,predictable and give a cool flare to any outfit.Creepers are also a quick and easy height gain shoe they do not have to be adjusted,laced or squeezed into.They are just a slip- on and go type footwear .Creeper fever has swept the nation and become a raising pandemic, some may argue that it has become so mainstream (lost it's hype) for most indie enthusiast's and 90's grunge lovers; resulting in an ever-so hopeful hipster take over.
My creepers however are not the one's you see placed above the caption, but an leopard print stromble,all around the upper toe. I saw, the prefect platforms my mother had ordered on amazon for £25.99  previously 14 days ago.The creepers themselves were, extraordinary  expecting some new life to be worn into them. They did however come with some various drawbacks they are hard to style ( because of the leopard print front)

check out for new deals and offers 
 I will always foreve think that simple black creepers offer a diverse range of styling opportunities.
Peace xoxo


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

me myself and I

E l l o (quick update)
my name is Sonia a typical college Londoner whose dreams are to become an upcoming fashion journalist; though intent on studying law
I have two eratic brothers
I adore English literature and publish fictional fantasies on wattpad
I am 18
British Ghanaian
Christian believer

I have just rediscovered the the art of buying vintage pieces at my local charity shop at Tally Ho corner
I listen to alternative rock music (haim and the 1975 are my festival summer bands of the month)
I like to recreate futuristic designs and destroy my own unwanted/ (much to my mother 's annoyance)
i hope my posts are I inspirational and useful for your summer time vintage/grunge/ 90's lookbook

Frequently asked Questions / Answered 

Why is your blog called Spiked Skulls and other requests?

It was a random name from the top of my head, but I wanted this blog to be about my Summer DIY's and at the time spikes and skull brochettes were what was used to customize outfits, to make them look more edgy and cool. I used them a lot on denim cutoffs so that's were (spiked and skulls) came from. Eventually I wanted to move away from just DIY's and concentrate more on fashion, which is were (other requests) come from meaning other things related to fashion; like lookbooks, hauls, style inspo, product reviews etc.. featured on my blog.. does that make sense ?.

Who are your favourite fashion bloggers?  

The bloggers I like, I follow I originally started blogging after reading Kavita's posts on shewearsfashion and so she is one of my biggest inspirations. I also watch a lot of you-tubers like Sunbeanjess, fashioncitizens, clothesencounters, Tar Mar and others and I just thought WOW; that's something I want to do.. I had a lot of encouragement from my friends that finally pushed me or persuaded me (have your pick) to start a blog at the time when a lot of people started fashion blogging. At college it started with the questions "were did you get your shorts" oh I customized them myself and the shocked look on their faces is so self rewarding (not in a narcissistic way) but in a am actually pretty good at this way. Also there were times when girls would come up to me and say "I love your style"  and that's also why I wanted to start preaching about spending less on clothes or getting the look at £5, it's all that inspires me.    

Do a lot of people know about your blog?

I'd like to think so, but I have kept my blog very much on the down low for quite some time, just because I was really nervous on how people would perceive me; especially people I knew from my old school. Now I am not so much in denial and openly display my blog link on my instagram bio or any other links, anyone can subscribe too. It's really grew my confidence and made me self respect myself more because I am expressing what I like to do online here, on this social forum trying to be original and different from the rest.

Ask me anything through email
 I do respond unless it is a negative message

Peace xoxo