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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Creeper fever 

My creepers. Have been an absolute all season essential there comfy ,predictable and give a cool flare to any outfit.Creepers are also a quick and easy height gain shoe they do not have to be adjusted,laced or squeezed into.They are just a slip- on and go type footwear .Creeper fever has swept the nation and become a raising pandemic, some may argue that it has become so mainstream (lost it's hype) for most indie enthusiast's and 90's grunge lovers; resulting in an ever-so hopeful hipster take over.
My creepers however are not the one's you see placed above the caption, but an leopard print stromble,all around the upper toe. I saw, the prefect platforms my mother had ordered on amazon for £25.99  previously 14 days ago.The creepers themselves were, extraordinary  expecting some new life to be worn into them. They did however come with some various drawbacks they are hard to style ( because of the leopard print front)

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 I will always foreve think that simple black creepers offer a diverse range of styling opportunities.
Peace xoxo


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