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Saturday, 22 June 2013

DIY SOS ~ Bleach

DIY pieces

Over the remaining years, I have accumulated some knowledge on diying (though via the internet more specifically YouTube )
Creating your own identity is fun and unique and I highly recommend you to do/experience it.

I have recreated/ revamped almost to many clothing items to recollect .I can sincerely write, that the obsession came about once i watched two stylish sisters that called themselves the fashion citizens, their YouTube channel symbolizes all that I could visualize myself wearing.

The first item I customized was my light denim jacket with short sleeves .The sleeves were just pointless for The summer so I cut them off using a sharp scissor knife.Once I had finished they gave a ragged flare which added a grungy feel to the top shredded half.

I then bleached the remaining denim with acetone bleach,which created white patches on the jacket.

I was left with finally customizing the jacket vest top so I used acrylic neon yellow to paint the Nirvana sign on the back, using a cut out sign as a trace guide. Lastly I added narrow studs which I pressed on to the top hemline of the jacket.

The vest top was completed and ready to be worn.

Acrylic paint costs - £1 at poundland
Jacket - £15 at new look
Studs - £1.50 pack of two eBay 
Bleach brought from any Superstore 

Using the same method I was able to transform my plain shorts 

Shorts black- £7 internaqtional
Shorts blue- £12 new look

Have fun grudging it up 

Peace xoxo


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