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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

*Reasons to be cheerful*

ello readers
So I have recently broken up for the summer, so I have nothing schedule for the upcoming weeks I am hoping to write longer blogs detailing what I plan on buying/look booking this summer as the weather has finally decided to brighting England, *a little leap for joy*. So I have been out and about and I have noticed that a lot of ladies have been sporting the maxi dress, which featured in last years upcoming trends. A lot of stores seem to be using this to their advantage selling stretchy polyester maxi's that are mid length and come in predictable colours like ashy grey and navy blue that are forever reappearing. I don't think that these would be trends for long as the  industry is always  re-evaluating  and mass producing new clothing.

Maxi skirts add a festival boho look to any event and can be styled to look simplistic for an occasion.
Another piece of clothing featured in 2013 is the 90's dungarees, this is another item that has been welded back through the fashion time machine.  I own a pair that I brought from Tally -ho corner's charity shop (all aboard) for £8 (pounds), they are a checkered white and mint green colour that are originally high waisted shorts and different from the conventional denim dungarees.

     (apologies for the poor quality photo)
these are a few examples of the prices offered at competitive high street stores, if you are one of those considering buying a pair for this summer bliss.

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