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Saturday, 20 July 2013

I'll tell you what I want what I really really want

In this post i'm spicing it up, eBay like amazon have introduced really great offers/discounts that have tempted me more than I would have expected, but I will not circum to the many multiple deals on display, I take may time when deciding what i particularly want which usually takes months on end waiting for an item to be reduced/given away I am a keen analyzer with a precision to detail which is way my style always verifies/changes depending on my mood.
 This weeks hot mess, comes in the stylish form of "expensive floral" which is a name that I have gravitated for this look. The light mint jacket with grey panels gives a timeless feminine royal quality ,to it that a few A list celebrities have been seen wearing a similar designer version of this jacket, but the high street wholesale price is £55 pounds from Zara. Across from the picture are these show stopping dark pastel pink and black Aztec demonic print to the mini-less heels these are this years trendy summer shoes and are elegant footwear, I love how these shoes are unique and different to the conventional "black" when wearing this type of print you can style down and be more simplistic because the heels are a statement hit, they are again from sophisticated Zara and are a cost price of £60 pounds. The slightly bold neon yellow adorable satchel is so cute I wondered where I could purchase one!,however I don't exactly know where the one depicted is from, there are similar satchels on look at stores like Primark, Topshop and vintage markets, I appreciated the detail added to the design (gold chain and double bow at front).Finally the wild printed floral bralet which is displayed at Topshop at around a price of £22 pounds it has a variation of different colours that brightens the plain high waisted maxi on it's right

 For look two it is my call for "casual chic" it has like look one the trendiness of 2013's summer looks ( dungarees, mini-least heels and statement arrow necklace). The beanie has yet taken a fashion time-walk back to summer, were we where rockin the look for winter, it has been more or less developed ,as in winter the colours were dull (grey's,black's and navy's) now they have brightened to (bright greens, yellows and neon's).The beanie matches the creative floral top, that has a lot of fresh colours to it. There seems to be a current wildness to the long sleeved top and it's darkened green contrasts well with the beanie and the arrow tipped statement necklace. Adding an alternative to the mini- less heel are a tougher edgier pointed black buckle heel which I named the "pointiest heel" which are to be found at New look for the price of £25 !. I don't seem to be made up about the dungaree/overalls which are a dark denim, as I personally prefer a dungaree that has a fun youthful feel to it and come in the form of a skirt or either shorts.     

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