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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Recent Ebay splurge

Online buyers no that eBay/Amazon are stores that devil in sensational products that are less than cheaper elsewhere .I guess I am a victim tangled in the ever web of spontaneous shopping.Though my holidays /summer break is still ongoing (until early September) I have been less than excited to walk out my door.

I have spent my weeks bidding and being outbid on items that are not my everyday  essentials but ,have had a watchful eye on since the word go.So if you had read my previous post on inside fashion you would have realized that my main issue was on the evil eye necklace that I brought for £1.19p; well it finally arrived after three hopeless weeks waiting.

Below are images of my recent splurge

      Rings-large(£1.65) small(1.00)
      Crawl bangle( £2.23)
      Evil eye necklace( £1.19)
search under skull bracelets similar ,designs are in topshop and new look

This silver bracelet was a £1.50 on eBay 

This was £2.23p on eBay it was searched under snake gold encrusted clutch 

My modern styled evil eye ring was just £1.00 on the site, I was very fortunate to come across this one as it was the only style that was being sold less than £5.00!

My last purchase was my small selected Midi rings that came in a variety of colours for just £1.00 for a pack of nine 

Photographs are edited.

Peace xoxo 

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