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Friday, 21 June 2013

Today's haul of delicates

Today I passed a small boutique i wouldn't have normally walked into, there were amazing items there that astonished ,me at first, but they were such a must-have that i purchased it there and then.
I didn't have much in my purse only £10 pounds
but that was enough to cover what I brought

My first buy were these black suede  Skyscraper platforms with an open toe front
                      (apologies for the darkened images, the weather was gloomy when captured)

They were £5 pounds at a outlet called Utopia at Edgware Boardwalk in North London.I love the height and little adorable thin buckles that add a touch of feminine quality to it.The shoes were very inexpensive which was quite fortunate.

My second purchase was this short high waisted leather skirt, with rough spiked suds alongside the himline

The skirt was £3 pounds!!  from Utopia and came only in sizes small,medium and large.The store seemed to be exclusive, but there were also some floral print summer dresses.

The last purchase was from Topshop .It was a statement,actez piece necklace.

This was total of £2 pounds! .At the sale aisle just begging to be bought.I adore the contrasting colours that blend well together, it's such a statement decorative necklace it would go with any plain look.

That was my little haul for just £10 pounds!! Hopefully uploading good easy tips to keep to your budget.

                                                                 Peace xoxo


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