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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Reporting live from graduate fashion week -* first week beginning*

Ello readers

I took a day of revision ( I might just take another day, because my press pass does not expire till the very end *the 3rd of June) ha . To travel all the way to the Truman Brewery in time for #GFW, it was a very long journey from central London, and quite unprompt. The graduate fashion week, showcase allows aspiring fashion designers from various universities to show the public their designs; it is still ongoing till the rest of the week so maybe it is not too late to grab your ticket. The university that I saw showcased was Northumbria university by a designer named Michelle Lee her; designs were a contrast of white and black  I honestly could not believe it was handmade designs of such skill and creativity. There were also designs by Stephanie Chesworth that was so bright and colourful, perfect for the summer/ spring season.

Remember the 3rd of June was the last date, unfortunately.



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    1. Thanx you
      It was actually a fun day out :)


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