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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Top shop Haul

Ello readers

I journeyed far to Oxford Circus, in central London to the far corner TopShop with about three elevated floors. Naturally I spotted the sales aisle in the centre of the store, haplessly messy with last sessions spring wear. I found a pair of white Jamie moto jeans for £10 (I know shocking), I adore Topshop's Jean ranges as they fit comfortably and are very durable. The jeans are high waisted and look especially stylish with the vintage belt I own. I also located a floral patterned miniskirt with astonishing vibrant colours. The miniskirt is slit on the sides and I usually style it with more toned shades to draw attention to the skirt I brought for £15. The last item on the list was the metallic sliver tank top with some pigment flowers and spirals. The tank top is low cut so I pair it with a lace bralet, it was priced at £8. Some small indications of a summer heatwave, prompted me to buy a black floppy witchy hat for £10 but at the moment wearing it seems to be out of the question.

  * Roughed label because its been in the wash too often




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