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Sunday, 9 March 2014

some signs of summer

Ello readers

The weathers changing for the better, and good riddance that's developed. Downcast London were I'm located in the western side of the Thames north is warm and I can honestly say that improvement was not foreseen by anyone (not even the televised weather reporters on BBC news). Now that things are changing I can finally dust of the cobwebs from my summer closet and adjust them to fit,  summer 2014 (gleefully laughing*) . My sunglasses collection is small at the moment as I'm surely missing some glasses, I need to get like the large spaced cat slit eyes that are so reminiscent of the 80's alter sleek era. I spotted some painfully jaw dropping sunglasses on a stall in Camden market place which I hope to be visiting soon when I take a wild visit to Bricklane this weekend.

Here's my pitiful collection *note I only started piecing this together last year *

Rounded flip up smilies from - Primark
Oval see throughs from -H&M
Brown rounds from -H&M
Baby blue cat spaces from -Ebay DIY with varnish
Black opium -Camden market store


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