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Friday, 28 February 2014

Nail Inc

Like most people I know I am obsessed with my nails, but I am always constantly biting them so they look deformed, one way or the other. To solve this minor problem I use "Essie's good to go" or "Sally Hansen's  Vita Surge Growth Gel" to repair the sometimes irreparable damage, what I seem to hate the most is when my nails seem to peel of at its own accord making my nail- bed prone to sensitivity.

There are some colours that stand like soldiers on the aisle, that I know, I must purchase, as if my life depends on it. Usually I see the popular branded ones first like ,Essie and a quick roam around Topshop directs me to their makeup parlor (briefly). What I look for in nail varnish is consistency,vibrancy and it's lasting effect. Chipping nail inc is the most frustrating as I usually find that I peel the remaining varnish off in a bid to even out whats left. In my minuscule " Kipling bag" also refereed to as my emergency kit;(it stores my) cover up foundation,nail filer,mirror,hand cream and my most used product the "Rapi Dry Coat by O.P.I" .      

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