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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Fall wishlist - November 2014

Fall wishlist - November 2014

Ello readers
This is a quick speedy wishlist for all I want for November (and because Christmas is nearing possibly that too). First thing first number (1) is a Alice Olivia jacket; fur is a crucial item a girl needs for the cold winter blizzards, and I will kind of feel like a character from the Stark density (Game of Thrones) with this furry number. I would most likely style them with a pair of skinnies just to look uber cool and chic. Exact price 85 pounds.

Number( 2) is a simple Ryan Roche black hat. Last visit I paid to Primark they had this type of similar hat for 7 pounds; I just think hats are one of those things you wear when you are having a really unbearable bad hair day, they also look sooo stylish (if you style them right) with absolutely any outfit. Exact price 20 pounds

Number (3) I know a pair of red leather skinnies, what are you thinking?. I already own a pair of black leather trousers and they kinda fashion fierce and so I am loving the leather pants, evolution (brought a flag and everything) what I love especially about a pair of red leather trousers is how daring and individual they are. I would defiantly style these Pierre Balmain pair with a Harley Davidson  tee shirt and one strap heels. Exact price 120 pounds.  

(4) Van skate shoes are soo adorable; I love the fact that Vans have come back after 2012; which was their biggest year. I still own the pair I diyed after the last offical day of secondary school because they were the ordinary black ones, just to plain for a fashion lover like myself . I like those pair because they are different and prefect * I need these in my life now; so saving 60 odd pounds to buy them.

Number (5) is just a simple white tee that I could get on Ebay for 4 pounds * delivery time is just the issue,* I would like those kinda transparent t- shirts for when I am feeling cheeky and don't mind a bit of  lace bra peeking out and making an appearance. A simple white shirt would look great paired with ripped boyfriend jeans and leather jacket.  Exact price 23 pounds from MANGO.

Finally  number (6) is a swanky pair of Ray Ban eyeglass; I had an eye test which determined that I need glasses for long distance sighting * for circumstance where I cannot see the lecture theater whiteboard and need to take glances from the person sitting next to me. I want a fashionable pair that no offence, don't make me look too nerdy; these pair  remind me of the glasses Proudlock was sporting in one of the Made in Chelsea episodes and I adore his eyewear range because it is so unique. I am on the hunt for a pair of conspicuous glasses and these ones are priced at 150 pounds.  


(5) White tee, Primark 5 pounds

(1) similar Motal Rocks fur jacket selling on Ebay for 25pounds

(3) Red Leather trousers Ebay bidding auctions

(4) 40 pounds at Office

(2) New Look black hat 8 pounds

comment what you think of my list, thank you all once again for your support *kisses and hugs from 


  1. that faux fur coat is beautiful!

    1. OMG thanx absolutely adore your blog
      Ps replying pretty late ☺️😜


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