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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Universities and What not ....

I'll be quick with this post, as I am currently sitting on the computer doing my killer essay on "the provision of legal services case studies", which has an eight page restriction .....

So UCAS if your a year twelve student in the middle of completing this semster than the guides to following applications is, to go on the site ( and fill all the relevent information
also following the UCAS team on facebook is useful in following their deadline dates and keeping up with demands on relevant courses.

The personal statement seems to be the trickest part of the application process.

You will need to basically list why you want to study  the course, what you hope to achieve, relevant prepations you have taken on the lead up to the now and additional information about yourself (hobbies,interest, inspirational influences)

Your application gets sent to your tutor for further anylase ( by this time you must pay £23 for UCAS to send it of)

The wait is on... after this , personally five out of my five  Universities replied to me making an offer (not bragging or anything) so it's not so long .

Be realistic with your choices, once your tutor has informed you on about their predictions regarding your grades, then check the grade creatia, checking the university league table is useful as well .

Go to open day events...or student experience days they help you grab a feel of the environment you could be potentially studying at.

                                                                 Good luck

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