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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Recent Haul

Ello readers
Happy April Fools,
This is just a quick, speedy update on some items I purchased recently. I really haven't had the time to run around stores so, I brought most of what I wanted online on ebay. Firstly a pair of chunky block sandals that I adore, from new look for £25 ( I know a hefty price) but there extremely steady and adorable especially teamed with glitter socks or a graphic tee.
I can't wait to pack them in my suitcase ready for a certain pre booked holiday for the summer.

Next I brought two new sunglasses to add to my building sunglass collection (read two pages down my blog about collecting, sunglasses. I brought both from eBay for 65p each.

Finally I successfully won, the bidding war over a pair of new look high waisted leather trousers (hooray) it was a tough tedious battle with over 12 bids over a short continous time frame, but I paid £7 for them. In the end.(I don't know how I can photograph them to show, you so keep watch for my future lookbooks on how I style leather trousers.)

My shopping ventures don't stop there so to be continued...


  1. Ahh ive got the same shoes and I'm obsessed with them! They're literally the perfect summer shoe! Even rambled on about them on my latest post aha! Omg I need to snap myself up a pair of ebay sunnoes I dont get how they're so cheap yet so nicee aha after discovering ebay sunnies I will literally never pay more that £2 for sunnies again! Aha lovely post doll! xo

    1. Thank you I read your blog and I'm obsessed can't believe you brought your shoes for £5 I'm soo envious xxx


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