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Saturday, 21 September 2013

The day in a life of a Fashion Week Intern

I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to intern at London's most anticipating five day event LFW (London fashion week).

A company where needing help with their showroom. As I was casual browsing  fashion internship opportunities on Google, I came across a site that directly linked me to elite companies that required people that were available to assist in organizing and collaborating clothing and models. Naturally I was very excited, I knew that this would open up contacts and give me an insight on the fashion scene.
I thought nothing of it until a received an email detailing whether I was still interested and for how long a time I could work for, I was shocked nevertheless I emailed back forwarding a message staying that I was and my availability was any-day and time. It took a while for another email to reach me, but when it did, the message was quick and abrupt; a phone number was attached so I called later on in the evening, I felt quite skeptical never had I submitted an application for I then to be corresponding  back and forth with my potential boss.

It was agreed that I would start on the Saturday and that when I arrived I would be doing minor work like checking that the clothes where what the designers wanted. I had to place goodie bags underneath the seat ( whilst taking a sneaky look at the seating agreements)..Designer labels like Jasper Conron, House of Holland (one word for their collection :sensational),Vivienne Westwood, Burberry, Mulberry and Tom Ford were some of the names I recognized, (whilst I was seeing their collection from the comfort of backstage).  designers like Tata Naka, collection was colourful and exotic, Ong Oaj Pairam was fluffy and flowery captivating  mod fashion in that sense.

Tom Ford's pieces where brown leather,coppery and worn on chocolate- skinned models which made the clothing look glued on their bodies, creating this allusion  of smeared brown tickling on their lean frame .

Peter Pilotta's collection was olive green with a tint of lime, his collection reminded me of scenes in midsummer night dream (Shakespeare) and that mystical weariness. Moshino's - Cheap & Chic collaboration was one I was looking ahead to as I own a purse by the designer and It's probably one of my sentimental designer pieces I own. The collection was vivid, light and intense the colours used where buttery and florescent verdant. I enjoyed watching (from the sideline) Sophia Webster's collection as it was sweet, feminine and endearing  she used pastel fabrics to emphasis femininity and the models had elaborate hair-styles that represented insects. The set was based on nature and royal, girlish flowers were placed around the surrounding spaces.  Antonio Berardi was another designer that focused on femininity in his collection, there was a roughness to his dresses as he placed a over-sized metallic leather jacket around one of the models.

My experience was like a never- ending journey where I learnt a lot, and saw some clothing ranges that I never envisioned. Though I am unsure what I particular want to do in the fashion industry; I known for sure its a career worth pursuing.

- Note - I was not allowed to tape/record or have a device that took flash pictures, a guess they had a whisltblowing policy.

                                                                       Peace xoxo

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