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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

ello readers, if your new to my blogs I hope that you find them interesting enough to read on ; today's topic for discussion is  high street wholesales vs Expensive designer. If you are like me and constantly on the look -out for various cheap deals ( either on sale or relatively cheap), then you may no that you can recreate designer outfits following a simple elimination process. As a business student I mainly compare brand to brand and focus on what makes them unique.

It is human nature to expire to want luxurious things, it is however partly down to the media evoking all these different desires in us. DO NOT, despair; here is advice for you.

Brown oversized coat - Max Mara £1,876 (expensive)
White oversized coat - Topshop £63 (relatively expensive)
Grey oversized coat - New look £36 ( less expensive)

Coltrane vs cut out dupes

Boots are a seasonal trend this summer' the cut outs make a trendy alternative edge to the all conventional boot leg boots. Coltrane's are all so special; designed and manufactured by Jeffrey Campbell there price is most expensive. If you read my later blog I recently explained how a bidded on eBay for these precious jems (exclusive price of £70pounds). Dupes are circuiting all over scene : pictured above are Topshop river island and new look all reaching between £45 - £50pounds .

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