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Saturday, 19 October 2013

winters coming - a lookbook guide for you

The foreboding winter is here  (upsetting yes) but there is nothing we can do about that unfortunately apart from layering up. The transaction from fall to winter is done by wearing thick socks and jumpers and high waisted jeans.

Look #1 
classy brown print 
Look #2 
 Casual Monday 
Look #3 Slight grunge chick

Look # 1
This style is centered  on a more earthy, sophisticated day were the sky seems darkly foggy and  your main goal is to cover up your entire exposed skin. The cream jumper is from Topshop priced £12 pound's and the black tightly fitted jeans are from ASOS priced  at £23 pounds'. Telling from the illustration the jumper is more or less cropped so it is in a slender way "teasing"
Moving down those tan suede high soled boots are from Office priced £45 pounds and the murky over-sized boyfriend coat (similar to mine - October haul needed) is at Topshop priced £120 pounds'

Look #2
Casual Monday is a more sloppy/slacky alternative style. This  is for certain days when you cannot comprehend wearing something over-ally accessorized for school or college . The shapeless "mom jeans" are from Topshop for £25pounds' whilst the fluffy thick jumper is from h&m priced at £ 15 pound's. Following the look are classic Coltrane dupes from new look a hefty over - budget between £20  £40pounds'. Not emphasizing to much on the prices though as the outfit is a simple jumper against denim- washed jeans.

Look #3 
The last look is for a night when you are with your mates and want to transform a deary outfit to something chic\fashionable. American apparel disco pants was the thing of the past, that reach a price of £70pounds. White collar button ups can fix a complex jumper, giving it a modern vibe. The black thick legged Aldo boots are priced at£90.

Peace xoxo 

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