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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hallowen beauty buys

Hollowen is when witches, cats (or whatever you chose to go as this winter) come out this 31st october . Most of you will not be uncountable for your actions and some may not remember the night before (ha).

(Lipstisk shades Barry m and lasting fix - shades 160 and 17) in purple and dark rose
                                                         Gothic vampire
The most important thing to remember when transforming yourself into a vampire goth, is that dark shades are what you need!. If your skin is translucent like Edward Cullen in the last insolement of breaking dawn, then it is easier for you to apply purple to black colour lipstick , as a way to emphasis how very pale you are. For girls of ethnicity (tan to dark skin tones) then apply talcum powder lightly around you face, but before lightly smooth moisturiser around your skin ( this would help the powder to stay on your skin longer, and absorb access oil). 

This look is all about the edginess of your eyes, Kohl pencil,and liquid eyeliner are needed in this process ( though I cannot demonstrate this on the blog, YouTube tutorials are located all through the big wide net). The more thickly applied gives you a slightly weary glance ,more or less like Taylor Momsen. Liquid eyeliner pens are espically useful.

Dark acessorize :this is central on hollowen, in creating a tough biker look, I brought a choker and headband ( black choker DIY,metal headband primark £1.50). To add a certain flare to the look
Happy Halloween. 
Peace Sonia 

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