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Friday, 22 August 2014

Vlog Account: Trip to Ghana Summer 2014

Ello readers

Long time no account for, I am back from my 6 week vacation from Ghana,  overall I had a wonderful experience; I met some great people ate some wonderful food and captured some wonderful moments.

DAY 1 - Heathrow Airport Triminal 5

DAY 5 - Koforidua

DAY 10 (thereabouts) visit to local city KFC (no offence but it does not really match up to the one here in London

Papaye the taste of good food and then some


DAY 15 - Trip to Kumasi central

DAY 20- Accra Mall (the only shopping center from miles)
Here in Accra Mall, there are African Tribal designs that is fashion at it's latest fine point in Ghana

Portrait picture of Fred my area specialist

Kumasi Market (bit like the Oxford city of Ghana)

The nicest man, around is Taco our family carpenter

(One of my many cousin ) really grateful for this amazing summer vacation which was much needed hope y'all visit Ghana soon it's a genuinely amazing  surreal place.


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