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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

D I Y kimono

Ello readers

So I promised this in my last post and here is is; I know that there are a lot of Kimono tutorials out there but mine turned out entirely different I know it was because I originally did not use any measurements and based this entirely on instincts which is how a majority of my DIY's turn out. So basically their is no step by step guide for this but I am still as excited to show you my finished masterpiece, instead of spending a fortune on a lovely one piece kimono why don't you try making your own.

it's fun and self rewarding at the end knowing that no one in the world will have the same as you.

First and foremost you will need to buy this *.

2 metre piece of fabric of your choosing
3 metre tassel (the man in the shop generously gave me another metre of tassel free!!)

2) Next measure out the material using this sucture 

 Once you have folded and cut out rectangular squares for the two sides you must sow the cut you have left for the armhole, otherwise it would not be actually connected 

After this is complete measure the kimono up close to you it helps to visualise how to would look finally completed.

The tassels should be added at the very end at the very bottom of the kimono and is pretty straightforward were you just simply sow the thread on tassels.


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