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Friday, 11 July 2014

Haul - holiday stuff

Ello readers long time no blog I was going to upload a video about my haul of stuff but I looked so photogenic and my voice sounded squeaky so you guys would need to settle for an elongated written post instead. But I am almost certain that I will film another haul video in the future, so I have been preparing for going on holiday on July the 14th and have been here and there grabbing stuff to be put in my holiday bundle thus far. I will be going somewhere hot and exotic but I am  keeping you guys guessing because I am hopeful that I will film a holiday vlog featuring all my holiday outfits. *fingers crossed*.

I brought some stuff from eBay, Topshop, H&M and Primark this fall, its such a disappointment that the weather has been so inconsistent in London although  it is set to brighten in the weekend, so that's not to bad if you are set to stay in London for summer break. First off I went into Topshop and just brought this simple dangle piece earring; which I think are soo pretty I would actually recommend wearing something plain to draw attention to these delicate's that were £2.50 on sale.

From New Look I brought this silver statement necklace, which I decided to copy from IDRESSMYSELF (another of my style icons) instagram post 3 weeks ago, I thought it was elegant and decorative and it was being sold for £4, so you know I naturally gravitated towards it. Primark was were I brought these gold heeled JuJu Jellies; that are so on trend this moment, these specific jellies were £6!!, I know right anywhere else they cost £10-£15 and for that reason they were a bargain buy. Also from Primark I managed to sneak these blue print running shorts into my shopping basket I adored the print and I have been seeing this style of running shorts appearing in the fashion hemisphere for sometime. The shorts were £4 so grab yourself a pair if you want I got two pairs because I know the weather that side of the equator is humid.

New Look £4
Primark Tidal wave shorts £4
Primark dark floral print shorts £5
Primark Gold JuJu Jellies £6 

Added on to the list was several pairs of dresses prefect for the summer heat included on to this was the Aztec print swing dress from H&M for £4, I love how open the dress is which makes it so feminine, I brought a long halter pineapple dress from Primark for £8 aswell I am becoming obsessed with halter neck tops and dresses this fall, because they are just so versatile !!!. 

*The images get worse here 
Tidal Wave shorts Primark 4 pounds 
Neon Tank top H&M 2 pounds 

C H E C K O U T my DIY floral kimono tutorial to be uploaded soon hope you all have an adventurous summer holiday/break. I will possibly be featuring some more stuff to this collection but for now I am really lazy.... be back on the 18th of August 


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