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Saturday, 24 May 2014

My near fashion debut

Ello readers - here`s a quick post

There was a fashion catwalk at my college a few days back; it was exciting to watch as a couple of student fashion designers showcased their diverse pieces. There was the weird, wacky and wonderfully constructed dresses on the platform. I missed the opportunity to be a runway model (although it was an honour in itself to have been scouted, whilst walking around the school premises) .But when I finally tried on the dress it was quite small on the bust. "Although it was fair to say that I may have neglected my eating habits, fortunately for me I am now back on the diet I promised to have done last new years eve ago.

The dress was made out of this green satin material and puffed out quite like a hoop skirt. I so desperately wished that I could have snapped a quick picture, but I was so caught up in just trying to zip it all in. Anywhos I looked on in envy, at the girl who finally did wear it on the platform (I still cant get over the fact that I could have made a fashion day debut as an actual catwalk model!!) better luck next time I guess

I manage to catch some sneaky pictures; (not the best quality im afraid)


Overall it was a great event.
Disclaimer not all shots are owned by me taking from instagram #barnetcollegefashion

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