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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Part of the Ugly shoe club

Ello readers

This is a short post about the S/S14 collection and the type of shoes you would not expect to be entering the fashion hemisphere; their unflattering, ugly and large Birkenstock sandals.  I own a pair, that I brought excately two years ago (surprisingly found them again hidden away in a cupboard, *strictly serious speaking) and thought that it would be light on my feet for the summer. The sandals are for a fact  designed for the natural form of the foot to allow freedom of movement and all-round support. However a lot of people seem to complain about how overpriced they are *starting form £36-£40*, as much as they are quite cool and comforting, they are not exactly the type of shoes you would want to be wearing in this topsy turvy summer; and you would need to make sure that, your feet are in the best shape; with all manicure included as you would not want to be showcasing a line of unflattering toes (trust me).
Photographed by me        


Never did I ever expect to see socks and sandals worn together; but here the runway model is doing just that

The fabulous Kate Moss in some simplistic styled Birkenstock sandals

Source of images taking from Tumblr
Ps readers I am hibernating over the course of this month because its exam period (wish me luck) much love


  1. I really love how they look on other people but just feel I would look silly wearing them :( they look incredible tho xx

    1. Thanx you they are honestly really comfy thou and versatile
      Your blog is amazing btw
      An instant follower

  2. Hehe I wanted to write the same thing Jenny wrote :) They look cute on the models, but I don't think they would look the same on me haha!
    xx Tina

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